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Fake Reviews 4 On January 14, Gerard Petersen and his wife were getting ready for bed when his phone dinged. Looking to see what the notification was about, he realized someone had left a one-star review on Facebook for his company, Petersen Pressure Washing in West Berlin, NJ. "I wonder what that's about." Then his phone dinged again. And again. And again. "Every time I refreshed my phone, there were more notifications. More one-star reviews." In fact, he was so surprised, he started posting about it on Facebook as it was happening. "Apparently my Facebook has been hacked with over 100 1-star reviews!! Going to try to get in touch with Facebook ASAP!" And a few moments later… "Over 150 1 Star reviews in 6 minutes? Come on now." The incident didn't last long. 200+ Fake One-Star Reviews in 10 Minutes by Allison Hester, Publisher

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