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There's nothing worse than a musty and smelly or grubby carpet. Professionals help by not only cleaning carpets but reducing allergens in the area. So, air quality and clean carpets go hand-in-hand. But all too often pros, who should know better, make carpet cleaning mistakes that can absolutely trash carpets and with them, your business' reputation. Over-wetting is out! It takes experience to get the balance just right. You want to get a deep cleaning, but you don't want to get the backing too wet because it will take a long time to dry and can cause discoloration. And just as sweaters can shrink in the wash, so can carpets that have been overwetted. Once this kind of damage has occurred, replacing the carpet is the only option. Over-shampooing Whatever agents you use when cleaning carpets, you want to get all or most of the residue out. The residue actually sticks dirt to the fibers, so the carpet becomes an absolute magnet for dirt. Cleaning it out is difficult and can even be near impossible. Carpet 28 by Joe Clark, Utah Carpet Cleaning Service Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes Even Pros Can Make

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