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descent systems and in November, 2016 the Final Rule on Walking and Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems for General Industry, was published. These regulations were developed for general industry, which includes window cleaning. Professional window cleaners will benefit because these regulations address the following: fall protection on any walking and working surface, the use of portable ladders, rope descent systems (RDS) and their anchorage points and most importantly, the training and re- training of workers in all these areas. These four items are very important topics for window cleaners across the country, and throughout the world. The rule benefits workers in general industry by providing greater flexibility in choosing a fall protection system. For example, it eliminates the existing mandate to use guardrails as a primary fall protection method and allows employers to choose from accepted fall protection systems they believe will work best in a particular situation — such as guardrails or safety nets or fall restraint or fall arrest systems. In addition, employers will be able to use non-conventional fall protection in certain situations, such as designated areas on low-slope roofs. It is stated in the official record that OSHA drew many provisions in the regulations from national consensus standards, including the ANSI/ IWCA I-14.1-2001, Window Cleaning Safety Standard. OSHA agreed with affected parties that national consensus standards represent industry best practices and reflect advancements in technology, methods, and practices. IWCA recommends the I-14.1-2001 Standard be used as a reference source for architects, manufacturers and window cleaning contractors. There are several important regulations which include deadlines for compliance. First, professional window cleaning contractors are required to train their workers with identifying and avoiding all fall hazards while on a walking or working surface. Additionally, workers are to be trained in the use, care and inspection of all the equipment outlined in the new regulations. To ensure continued safety, workers are to be retrained in these areas on a regular basis. This training was to be accomplished by May 17, 2017. Secondly, window cleaning contractors using rope descent systems (RDS) are required to obtain written confirmation from a building owner that the anchorage points used for rigging such systems have been identified, tested, certified and maintained so they are capable of supporting 5000lbs in any direction they are loaded per each worker attached. The enforcement of this regulation, which is a shared responsibility between the contractor and building owner, shall begin on November 20, 2017. Hot Water Pressure Washers Industrial Products Cold Water Pressure Washers Pumps Open 8-5 M-F (Closed Weekends) • Metro Atlanta Area • (770) 921-0397 1185-D Beaver Ruin Rd., Norcross, GA 30093 (770) 921-0397 for chemicals

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