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3 Publisher's Note: The Soft Washing Issue (a.k.a. "Life Happens") In This Issue: Issue 44 19 27 12 What Is "Soft Washing?", by Bo Josetti, All Clean Power Washing 6 Wash Kleen: Experiencing BIG Growth in a Small Town eClean Magazine Publisher/Editor: Allison Hester, eClean Magazine 12300 Nebraska Ave. N Little Rock, AR 72118 (501) 517-1620 25 The Wellnews Chain: Self Care for Improved Client Care, by April Dodson, Bidslot Marketing 15 Support for the Goeller Family 17 PWNA National Convention Schedule & Sponsors 19 Time Aselton & the Softwash Proportioner 2 How One Contractor Is Using Solar Power for Roof Cleaning 27 A ReNEWed Calling, by Dustin Force, Extra Mile Power Washing, LLC 33 Classifieds 35 Calendar Cover Photo by Troy Whitaker, Wash Kleen, Somerset, KY. 31 The Ten Commandments of Confrontation, by John C. Maxwell 6 The Huge Convention: Changing the Industry, Changing Lives

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