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reporter has to choose from, and the more likely the reporter will quote you. 3. Respond quickly. Each HARO query has a hard deadline. HARO assigns each query a unique email to respond to, and once the deadline hits, that email will no longer work. That said, the sooner you get your response in, the better chance you have of being interviewed. Once the reporters have enough responses for a decent article, they likely won't continue reading responses. 4. The more obscure the topic, the easier it is to get coverage. A general business-related article on why you started your company may get hundreds of responses. An article looking to interview someone with mystery shopping experience (i.e., my First for Women interview) may not. One final point about HARO. While it may seem silly to be interviewed by a national publication about a topic unrelated to cleaning or business, that's not the point to any of this. No one needs to know that my first U.S. News and World Report interview was actually about living next to nightmare neighbors, right? They just need to know I was featured in U.S. News and World Report. Same holds true for you. I wouldn't recommend being interviewed for something that might be considered questionable taste (and HARO does have some Jerry Springer-ish type queries), but if it's something you know about and it's not putting you in a bad light, it's not a bad idea to respond, especially if it's a well-known publication. Your local media wants to interview experts, and if they see you've been included in national publications – including trade publications like eClean – it helps you gain credibility in their eyes as well. Speaking of eClean, an easy way to be included is to take part in the reader surveys that I regularly create. Like with HARO, the more thorough your answers, the more likely I am to quote you. So watch for my surveys, If you are not getting emails from me, make sure you subscribe at subscribe-to-eclean-magazine. It's free, and will also help ensure you see when new issues and articles appear on my site. "Appointment Setting" 33 A Few Examples of Recent HARO Queries Summary: Seeking Charlotte-Based Home & Garden Pitches Media Outlet: Query: I'm looking for local Charlotte, NC, interior designers, gardening pros, DIY experts, products, and everything else that fits under home and garden. I write many articles weekly online and would appreciate any ideas within this criteria. Summary: Home Curb Appeal Media Outlet: Chicago Tribune Query: I'm looking for Chicago-area homeowners and contractors who have given homes new curb appeal. Need before and after pictures Summary: Home improvements to increase the value of your home Media Outlet: Query: I'm putting together a piece describing different ways to improve home value. From the simplest to the most extravagant. Please also include what your improvement would cost and if possible what the return would be. We're looking to cover all price ranges, from free improvements to those that cost thousands. The more you can suggest, the better. Summary: Entrepreneurs & Business Owners to Talk about Their 1st Year in Business Media Outlet: Business Today Query: Looking to interview entrepreneurs/business owners who have started up a business within the last three years to discuss the first year of business. It can be a success story or a cautionary tale.

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