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Top Brands | Sales & Clearance | Training THE CONTRACTOR'S #1 SOURCE FOR COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHERS, PRESSURE WASHER SUPPLIES & TRAINING! TM 1.800.433.2113 Learn How to Maintain Your Machine and Keep on Pressure Washing all Winter Long! SPRAY TIPS Newsletter TM TM V-502 Concentrated Vent Hood Grease Cleaner Hood cleaners first choice for removing non-trans fat oil build-up from kitchen exhaust hoods, flues, filters, and other heavily soiled kitchen equipment. Sold as a powder, so you can make your solution strong enough for any job. One 50 pound box can make up to 100 gallons of powerful cleaner. Pink Thunder Truck Wash Soap Safe on all surfaces, painted or otherwise. Better results will be obtained with hot or warm water. However, it works well in cold water. It removes road film, grease, dirt, bugs and will leave the surface shining without polishing. OD-100 Asian Kitchen Hood Cleaner Tackle tough gummy grease deposits found on Asian style kitchen exhaust hoods, flues, and filters. Asian Grease Fighter is super concentrated so that you can make it strong enough for any job. One 5 gallon pail can make up to 100 gallons of cleaning solution. Concentrated Vent Hood Grease Cleaner Stainless Steel Airless Foamer Kit Increase dwell time on vertical surfaces and use less chemical. Quickly generate a thick foam coating of concentrated chemical that clings to any surface. It attaches to your gun or wand quickly with a 1/4" quick connect plug. The included metering tips make it easy to accurately set the chemical dilution ratio. The pick up tube has a strainer to filter out debris in your chemical mix that could clog up the nozzle. Two foam nozzles are also included, a fan pattern for quick coverage close up and a zero degree for distance - up to 25'. 1,000 PSI minimum needed for operation 4.4-5.6 GPM Max.Temp: 180 F Want more tips like this one? Subscribe to the Spray Tips™ Newsletter! R-1400 Super Concentrated Foaming Booster Add to any detergent to increase cling time and use less cleaner. One gallon of concentrate can make up to 16 gallons of foam mix for your detergent.

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