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Top Brands | Sales & Clearance | Training THE CONTRACTOR'S #1 SOURCE FOR COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHERS, PRESSURE WASHER SUPPLIES & TRAINING! TM 1.800.433.2113 The M5DS TWIST Adjustable Downstream Nozzle Apply detergents AND rinse up to 4 stories high when used in conjuction with a downstream chemical injector. TWIST the nozzle for 0 to 60 degree spray patterns. No more switching tips to get different spray patterns! Chapin Degreaser Sprayer These professional grade pump up sprayers are built to hold harsh chemicals used in industrial cleaning applications. It has an extra wide mouth for easy pouring, and viton seals and gaskets for maximum chemical resistance. It also features a 42" hose and 12" extension wand. Gutter Cleaner Wand Attach this handy hook to the end of your wand and reach up into gutters and blast away dirt. 3,000 PSI, 8 GPM Flex Wand Bend it, twist it, or turn it and it still holds its shape even at full pressure! It comes with a 1/4 inch female quick coupler tip for quick attachment to your gun or wand. 13' Long Inlet: 1/4" MPT Outlet: 1/4" FPT Max. Temp: 190° F MarXoff Gutter Cleaning Applicator This tool makes gutter cleaning a quick add on service. Quickly clean stained gutters while standing safely on the ground. Simply attach a MarXoff Gutter Cleaning Applicator to a telescoping brush handle, dip it into a bucket of Gutter Zap, apply and rinse. That's it! You're done! The cleaning pad is made of soft, synthetic lambs wool and is safe to the gutter finish. Super Concentrated Gutter Zap Zap those gutters clean with Super Concentrate Gutter Zap. It cleans black streaks off gutters caused by electrostatic bonding. Simply wet down the gutter, spray on Gutter Zap, and rinse off with garden hose pressure. It's that easy! Light brushing is required on heavily soiled areas. One quart makes 1 gallon of concentrate which yields 3-5 gallons of ready-to-use-mix. XJET High Pressure Chemical Injector Attach to the end of your wand to apply chemicals at high pressure while eliminating corrosion & deterioration to the pump. The zero degree tip can project liquids to vertical heights over 40' depending upon the capability of your pressure washer. Proportion chemicals ranging from 2 to 1, up to 480 to 1 X-Jet M5 Variable Spray Pattern High Pressure Chemical Injector Attach to the end of your wand to apply chemicals at high pressure without going through your pump. The adjustable nozzle can project chemicals up to a vertical height of 40 feet at the zero setting or an 8 foot fan pattern at 60 degrees by simply turning the adjustable nozzle Cub-Hand Carry Chemical Applicator The Cub Hand Carry Chemical Applicator is a great upgrade from a pump up sprayer. It is a perfect choice for jobs where you need to apply chemical to a large area. It features a 60 psi pump that will maintain a constant flow. The consistent flow will make it easy to apply an even coat of chemical or stain to your work surface. 12 volt 1.2 Gpm 60 PSI pump Shurflo Pump 1/2'" x 24" PVC Wand with JA 8000 trigger gun 25' CVT 3/8Clear Vinyl chemical Pickup tube with a mesh filter screen Approximate weight (with out battery) 12 lbs Shoots about 8 feet Hand Carry aluminum frame 14" x 12.5" X 17.5" • Perfect for shooting soap long distances without sacrificing flow • Wash buildings up to 4 stories from the ground (depending on GPM). • We have two sizes available: • AN-4070 4-007 GPM • AN-8012 8-12 GPM • Perfect for sodium hypochlorite based house washing mixes • Shoots up to 4 stories • Resistant to solvents, acids, bases and heat. Shop Now Shop Now

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