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The Takeaways Ok, so what do people REALLY want? According to the survey, people want events that are reasonably close to where they live and at a time of year that they can take off of work. They want topics that are "of interest," and prefer to go in-depth rather than just skimming the surface. Some want basic how-to's; others want "advanced" topics. They want a trade show, and they want to see/ learn about new innovations and products. They don't mind paying a little to attend, but they want to make sure they receive value you when they leave. And apparently size doesn't always matter. Several who have attended more than one event named smaller venues, such as NOLA or the Bethlehem event, as their favorite. To sum it up, I particularly liked one survey participant's comments: "When I leave the event, what can I take back to my business that could be a game changer? Don't show me pictures of people drinking or eating or golfing. Show me the testimonial videos from participants who took specific ideas away from the event and have since transformed their businesses because of it. " The UAMCC events really go the extra mile to teach success. (Response from eClean Survey Participant) " "

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