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30 eClean Magazine said they would only attend an event if it was free. That's not to say cost isn't a factor. As one respondent said, "It also depends in where it is at. If I have to spend $500 to get there and $200 on hotels, I probably wouldn't go. But even more so, if an event is during the busy season, I couldn't attend even if it was across the street." On the other end of the spectrum were these kinds of answers: "If the value is there for my business, I don't really care how much it costs." For the next question, I asked what topics people would like to see covered. This was an open-ended question, so the answers were extremely varied. However, there were several common themes, which I've listed in order from the most requested topic down. (There were also some "stray" topics that I did not mention. 1. Marketing/Sales 2. Human Resources/Employees – from the legal issues of hiring/managing employees, to how to find employees, and how to retain them, this was a highly sought after topic. 3. Management/Business Issues– these including things needed for running a business, such as software options, developing systems, accounting, handling growth, etc. 4. New trends, innovations and techniques 5. Equipment – how to choose it, how to install it/set it up, and how to maintain it. 6. Specific Cleaning – the topics here were extremely varied, but it was clear that some participants wanted more information on how to do different types of cleaning. And they wanted it to be more intensive than an hour-long class can cover. 7. "Advanced" topics for industry veterans. This was mentioned a lot, but generally without additional insight into what they specifically wanted to see. 8. Safety 9. Environmental Issues Every PWRA convention I've been to I've walked away with new methods or products to try and have made several new friends. (Response from eClean Survey Participant) " "

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