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Grease is more than Must a cosmetic flaw. It easily transfers to other surfaces, can go unnoticed and may hinder the performance of equipment. Power washing companies often use hot water degreasers to quickly and effectively dissolve and clean oil. .eep in mind that you should only pressure wash grease if you have received the proper training. Why Pressure Washing Is Effective When you use a hot water pressure washer on grease and oil stains, the hot water lifts the oil from the surface. The degreasing agent emulsifies the oil, making it simpler to flush. Use degreasing equipment to eliminate oil and grease stains from areas, such as: Parking lots Concrete pavement Sidewalks Driveways Garage floors Machinery Ship decks Engines Tires Metal surfaces Areas with rubber burns .itchen range hoods Degreasing equipment is also beneficial when cleaning and preparing surfaces that you intend to paint or coat with a protective finish. Types of Hot Water Degreasers To effectively remove grease and oil stains, you need to use the right type of degreasing product with your pressure washer. Common degreasers are butyl- based that are diluted with water, such as: BDC Uses an organic solvent to dissolve oil and grease. It works well as a pre-cleanser and to wash certain types of painted metal. BD5C Good for cleaning commercial vehicles, such as cranes, bulldozers and lifts. BD10C Used for washing the exterior of buildings, recreational vehicles, trailers and trucks. The cleaner is also effective on counter tops, engines, stainless steel, floors, vinyl, walls and tires. Considerations Before using a degreaser to clean grease and oil stains, read the manufacturer's instructions regarding safety precautions and areas to avoid. In addition, keep the following in mind: Not all degreasers work well on stained or painted surfaces. Do not use alkaline degreasers on chrome, aluminum, brass or other surfaces that are alkaline-sensitive. Test the product in an inconspicuous area. Some degreasers may dissolve protective coatings and sealants. Water surrounding plants, grasses and shrubs before and after using degreaser PWNA Safety Procedures The Power Washers of North America is a group that informs members on best practices for safety in pressure washing. Make sure your technicians are ready for work, wearing appropriate clothing and operating power washers in a safe manner. Take time before each project to train our pressure washing crews on safety issues. When & Where to Use Hot Water Degreasers by Paul Horsley, PWNA Board Member

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