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Mike Melasecca of Pennsylvania's All Star Window Cleaning said he was ready to throw in the towel. As a window cleaner who added pressure washing as a way to make more money, Malasecca found it costly and extremely time consuming. "I was aggravated and ready to stop offering pressure washing services altogether," he explained. Then he saw that Jack Kramer of A Brilliant View Power Washing and Seal Coating was offering a two-day pre-seminar class in his area, and Melasecca decided to attend. "I'm so glad I did. Jack taught me what I was doing wrong and how to work faster and more efficiently. Today, I do more pressure washing and roof cleaning than windows. Jack's class completely changed my business." In fact, Melasecca was so happy that he took Jack's class again last year at the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania event, this time bringing his brother along. "It's always good to refresh, and I definitely picked up some new things the second time." Jeff Scott – owner of Green Window Cleaning Services and founder of Safety Green High Rise Rope Access / RDS Training – attended Jack's pressure washing class this past January in New Orleans. "I needed instruction. I had seen people cleaning roofs and studied up online, but I was still doing it wrong," Scott explained. "I was ruining pumps left and right and it was very frustrating." After leaving Jack's in-depth course, Scott said it was some of the "best money" he ever spent. "I had heard nothing but great things about Jack and his class, and everything I heard was correct. I walked out feeling confident, prepared and satisfied that I had made a wise investment. Jack taught me in four hours what I hadn't figured out in months of doing it on my own." Meet Jack Kramer Co-Host of the 2015 Pressure Washing Seminar and Networking Event, & Trainer for the Pre-Seminar Pressure Washing and Wood Restoration Classes Events Jack Kramer (right) with one of the many giveaway winners at last year's Pressure Washing Seminar & networking Event in Bethlehem, Penn. "Jack Kramer" 14

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