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fed poles. They are calling these the "Power and Control" ergonomic handles. The new handles are designed to reduce the demands of smaller control muscles during power movements using a water fed pole. Rather than launch these into mass production, the team is having several window cleaners test them in the field and provide feedback. Additionally, rather than sell the handles at this point, Tait has decided to give them to his current Reach- iT customers, free of charge, and they can in turn give a donation back to him based on their perceived value of the product. "I have felt a huge indebtedness to the window cleaners that chose to buy a Reach-iT pole during our first four years of business. Without the support, faith, and, at times, patience from these people, our dreams, our potential and our current reality would not have become true," Tait added. In addition to the Power and Control handles, Tait is working on adding a work stroke counter that can be added to help the team collect more data to present to OSHA. To OSHA and Beyond The ultimate goal of this research team is to present the information presented in their study to OSHA and similar agencies in other countries, such as Australia and the U.K. "We want to change the industry and make it safer," Tait concluded. "We are likely going to have a lot of philosophical opposition, but change rarely comes without resistance. I think we've created something that is responsible and for the greater good of professional window cleaners." "Power and Control" ergonomic handle system for water fed poles. Top: Control handle. Bottom: Power handlle with wrist brace. 13 eClean Magazine

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