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TM 1.800.433.2113 Power Washers | Surface Cleaners | Chemicals | Cleaning Supplies | Parts | Pumps | Training Dual Lance Wand Change between high or low pressure by twisting the side handle. The perfect solu- tion for spraying cleaning agents with low pressure through an injector valve and then cleaning with high pressure. 4,000 PSI 300° F 1/4" MPT Trigger Gun YG-5000 This gun has an easy pull trigger to reduce operator fatigue and a larger hand grip to more readily accommodate work gloves. It also features an extra strong housing design with extra venting for improved performance at high tem- peratures. Max Fluid Temp: 200° Max Discharge: 5000 PSI Flow Rate: 10 GPM Inlet: 3/8" FNPT Outlet: 1/4" FNPT 10" BI-Level Brush This durable brush can reach higher and farther than traditional brushes. The unique angled de- sign of this soft-bristle non-marking wash brush maximizes contact with the surface to extend your reach. Stack Brush The unique curve and stiff bristles of this brush are designed to tackle the tough stains from exhaust stacks and brush them away. PINK THUNDER™ TWP (TRUCK WASH POWDER) is a free rinsing detergent with a powerful cleaning action. It is safe on all surfaces, painted or otherwise. Better results will be obtained with hot or warm water, however, it works well in cold water. It removes road film, grease, dirt, bugs and will leave the surface shining without polishing. R-202 Color Changing Concentrated Concrete Cleaner This fluorescent orange detergent changes to a yellow green as powder is diluted with water. This way you know when the concentration is ready for the job at hand. It will pen- etrate deep into unpainted concrete surfaces to lift out heavy oil, grease, soil, and grime. One 50 pound box can make up to 400 gallons of powerful cleaner. MarXoff Gutter Cleaning Applicator This tool makes gutter cleaning a quick add on service. Quickly clean stained gutters while standing safely on the ground. Simply attach a MarXoff Gutter Cleaning Applicator to a telescoping brush handle, dip it into a bucket of Gutter Zap, apply and rinse. That's it! You're done! The cleaning pad is made of soft, synthetic lambs wool and is safe to the gutter finish. Gutter Cleaning Attachment The unique angle of the Gutter Cleaner attach- ment makes cleaning leaves and dirt out of gut- ters a breeze. Just snap it on to the end of your pressure wash wand, snap a nozzle in the other end, and you are ready to clean. It's a low-cost solution with high-productivity results! Approximately 14" in length with a 135 degree bend. 1/4" Quick connectors on each end Chrome Plated Max Pressure: 3,000 PSI Max Flow: 8 GPM Super Concentrated Gutter Zap Zap those gutters clean with Super Concentrate Gutter Zap. It cleans black streaks off gutters caused by electrostatic bonding. Simply wet down the gutter, spray on Gutter Zap, and rinse off with garden hose pressure. It's that easy! Light brush- ing is required on heavily soiled areas. One quart makes 1 gallon of concentrate which yields 3-5 gallons of ready-to-use-mix. Mr. Longarm Pro-Lok 6' to 18' Extension Handle Rotomax Rotating Nozzle Designed to improve the clean- ing efficiency of any pressure washer by producing a rotat- ing action that considerably expands the contact area of the cleaning stream while provid- ing the impact of a zero degree nozzle. The unique internal design pro- vides "aim and shoot" operation even while cleaning overhead and permits easy replacement of all wear parts. Three models are available Rotomax 1, 2.1-2.6GPM, 1,300-2,000PSI Rotomax 2, 2.9-4.0GPM, 1,450-3,500PSI Rotomax 3, 4.2-5.5GPM, 1,450- 3,500PSI

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