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42 eClean Magazine turning. Small block lengths below 18" do not usually require braces, but anything longer should sport at least one brace. After all, once the handle mount is worn out, so goes the broom. HANDLES & BRACES Although this article is not really about handles and braces, push brooms without them are nothing more than hand-held scrub brushes; therefore, I offer a few recommendations to save much money in the long haul: • Buy only quality push brooms based on information in this article. • Couple them with quality handles with good threaded tips. • Add a small brace for short brooms. • Add a long triangle brace for long brooms. • For the ultimate brooms, add both small and triangle braces with steel-tipped handles. Quality brooms can be expensive up front. If you are in a cleaning business and expect to be in that business for the long run, use the proper equipment for the job and not the cheapest thing you can get your hands on. Invest in good brooms! The savings found by getting the job done faster and better with less pain and fatigue far outweigh the upfront costs. As one of the premier tools of the cleaning trade, push brooms rank up there as highly important, but least respected. Change that attitude by spending a bit of time finding good brooms. Keep a variety of bristles styles and block lengths in stock to grab quickly. Match brooms to people first and then to the job. A broom in hand is worth two in the bush, so avoid downtime by having proper brooms nearby. A little attention to this important cleaning tool will set you on the road to greater profits.

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