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14 eClean Magazine One Restore: We came across some glass that regardless of what detergent we used or how much we scrubbed would not come clean. We could scrape it, but that would be a huge amount of time and risk as well as disgruntled employees. OneRestore took off the years of grime build up in one shot!" – Paul Spitsbergen, Spitsbergen Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing, www. Dorado strip 3031 is an architectural paint striper. It lifts paints, as well as many other coatings, with vertually no effect on the wood substrate. After aplication the product should sit for an hour or two, depending on the amount of layer. Dorado Strip 3031 creats an oxygen layer between the coating and substrate which pops the coating loose so it can be washed away. While there is a price attached (paint was never designed to be removed) is is an effect, safe, and proven way to remove coatings from a number of substrates. - Tracy Handl, North American Power Wash Outlet, www. Wagtail Jet stream - use it for getting past railings over windows. Turn and it drop in then turn back and clean the windows. Unger Polishing Pads for high work, like skylights. Spray Away is great for high cleaning with pads. Unger N-Lite Green Radius Brush: makes first time cleans possible with water fed pole. Best brush I've used. - Michael Goeller, Brightview Cleaning, We only use silicone squeegee blades from Sorbo. Everyone swears by natural rubber blades but at least for us, they leave rubber marks on hot windows. The silicone blades don't leave any marks behind and they are less expensive. You also have the ability to cut to length for any size channel since it comes in a bulk length of 50 feet, which also saves money, eliminating the need to order different sizes of blade for different size channels. – Josh Lawlor, Clearco Window & Carpet Cleaning, Inline water filters before your pump. Keeps pump intake clean and free from debris and is easy to trouble shoot if needed. Got mine at tractor supply. - Andy Reisel, A2Z Pressure Washing LLC, A short whip hose and high pressure swivel is one of the best labor saving tricks of the trade. Save your energy for work, not fighting your gun and hose - Brad Frost, Sud n Clean Power Washing, . Hot chocolate degreaser is wonderful on oil stains. - James Twist, Oliver Twist's Pressure Cleaning, Additional Favorite Products (Provided by eClean Readers) A Dual Lance is a must have on every job. It allows us to clean with pressure and rinse, without ever having to change tips on the wand. – Jerome Khan, Clean Image Ltd., Trinidad & Tobago

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