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13 eClean Magazine 5. In 2011, Reach-iT launched a new wave of thinking and design in waterfed poles (WFPs) by implementing the principle of "pull apart," allowing window cleaners to purchase a master telescopic pole – equal to the maximum height needed – that could be pulled apart to make shorter and lighter, perfectly matched to the reach requirements needed for the height being cleaning. This prevents window cleaners from having to buy multiple poles for different heights, saving contractors both money and space. Reach-iT poles and accessories are made of 100 percent quality carbonfibre, with a 304 stainless steel END-DEFENDER added to every handle section for extra protection. They also feature the neoprene POLE- SKIN, which protects users' hands from heat and cold. Reach-iT Poles come in two models. The Mini is a seven-section pole designed for residential work with a 25-foot reach. The mini is capable of handling two additional 11 ft extensions (Reach-iT XTs), for a total reach of 46 feet. The Reach-iT Pro 4 is a seven- section commerical WFP with a 45-foot reach. Up to three Reach-iT 11-foot extensions can be added, for a total reach of up to 75 feet. "Reach-iT poles are great quality at a great price...and Perry Tait's the Man!" – Michael Goeller, Brightview Cleaning,

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