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34 eClean Magazine Low water pressure, pump vibration or pulsing power level fluctuations – these are classic signs of problems with pressure washers. Pressure washer owners can prevent disrepair by sticking to a few annual maintenance habits. Below are the steps you should take to keep your power washer in tip-top shape. Before storing for winter: Run a mixture of half anti-freeze, half water through your power washer's pump before storing away the machine for the winter months. This will prevent breakage due to freezing while also keeping internal mechanisms well-lubricated and ready for springtime use. You should also drain the fuel completely, or add fuel stabilizer. Cleaning the air filter: The air filter protects the engine by preventing the entry of contaminants such as dust and dirt. It's wise to clean your air filter after every four hours of work, and you'll need to change the filter altogether every three months (or after 100 hours of use). There are two basic types of filters: pleated-paper (just replace them; they can't be cleaned) and foam (clean with dish soap and hot water, wring dry and saturate with engine oil before putting the filter back in the power washer). Checking the fuel filter: The fuel filter is also important for clean engine operation. Generally, the fuel filter can be removed, cleaned and replaced, but if there is debris blocking the filter's inner mesh screen then the whole filter must be replaced. Checking oil levels: Just as a car won't operate well without proper levels of oil and other fluids, all brands of pressure washer are the same. Check the oil level before each use. In general, the oil should be changed after 50 hours of use, or at least once per season. The same rules apply for the oil levels within the water pump. Checking screens for blockages: Regularly check for blockages around the water inlet screen and the in-line screen. Rinse away dirt and other debris with water; if the screen is damaged, it must be replaced. Annual Maintenance for Pressure Washers by Paul Horsley, Publisher Next Month The Wood Issue

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