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TM Get expert help finding the parts you need. 1.800.433.2113 Inlet Manifold 3/4"FGH SWV / 1/2"MPT This allows a destination for the water when you release the spray gun. Synfilm 68 Royal Purple Oil This proprietary film increases the oil film's thickness, and the oil film's tough- ness, both of which help to prevent metal- to-metal contact. High Limit Switch ½"MPT Pop Off Valve This valve is a artificial weak point designed to fail if pressure reaches dangerous levels. 6,000 PSI / 6 GPM Pressure Washers | Surface Cleaners | Chemicals | Cleaning Supplies | Parts | Pumps & Unloaders | Training MOD-534 $18.00 1 Gal. SYNFILM68-1G $65.00 Thermoshield Relief Valve Install this on the head of your pump to keep it from overheating when it is in bypass mode. TSF-514 1/4in $7.99 TSF-538 3/8in $7.99 TSF-512 1/2in $7.99 RINLET-11 $11.00 Flow Switches PSI 4000 PSI 4500 PSI Temp 176 F 257 F GPM 1 Min./8 Max 1 Min/8 Max Type Vertical Horizontal/Vertical In/Out 3/8" FNPT 3/8" FNPT Volts 250 250 Amps 3 3 Cord 47" 47" ST-5 $35.00 ST-6 $35.00 130°F HLS-101-130 $31.00 230°F HLS-101-230 $31.00 330°F HLS-101-330 $31.00 Burner Motors 079021, 12v Beckett $289.00 079613, 12v Beckett $129.00 079021, 12v Wayne $159.00 079025, 110v/220v $199.00 Racor Fuel Water Separator 10 micron filtration Spin-on convenience 1/4" FPT inlet/outlet Easy drain sediment bowl FF1140 $49.00 AC/DC Digital Hour Meter Measure and record over time the electric power flowing through a circuit. Also features maintenance alerts at 25 or 50 hours. 03-291020 $24.00 Honda GX690 V-Twin 688cc Gas Engine Bore x Stroke: 78 X 72 mm Displacement: 688 cm3 Net Power Output: 22.1 hp (16.5 kW) @ 3,600 rpm Net Torque: 35.6 lb-ft (48.3 Nm) @ 2,500 rpm PTO Shaft Rotation: Counter Clockwise (from PTO shaft side) Carburetor: Butterfly Hori- zontal type, two barrel butterfly valve, internal vent Starting System: Electric Lubrication System: Forced lubrication Oil Capacity: 2.1 US qt (2.0l) Fuel: Unleaded 86 octane or higher Approximate Weight: 96.8 lbs. Honda / Briggs & Stratton Mufflers Honda / Briggs & Stratton Oil Filters 15400-PLM-305PE $11.59 BS-491056 $8.99 BS-492932S $10.59 Briggs & Stratton Alternator 15 or 20 AMP BS-696458 $59.00 BS-696579 $64.00 Honda / Briggs & Stratton Air Filters Honda / Briggs & Stratton Spark Plugs BS-491055S $4.00 BS-796112S $4.00 BS-802592S $4.00 FN-175-80B $6.95 FN-200-80B $6.95 Atomizing Fuel Burner Nozzles These nozzles mix fuel and air to turn the fuel into a combustible mist. Designed and dimensioned to deliver a fixed amount of atomized fuel to the combustion chamber within approxi- mately plus or minus 5% of rated capac- ity. They deliver the atomized fuel to the combustion chamber in a uniform spray pattern and spray angle best suited to the requirements of a specific burner. Power Washer Maintenance Seminar In this fast paced, half day workshop you will learn how to repair, rebuild and maintain Power washer pumps burner systems Electric and gas motor/engines Once you begin to repair and maintain your equipment, this class will pay for itself. "The class was very educational...I have learned so much watching Larry's videos. Now that I was able to learn from him in person, ask questions and receive such thorough answers, it really put everything into prospective. Larry Hinckley is wonderful and full of knowledge that will get any one far in this industry!" TM Briggs & Stratton Fuel Filter BS-394358S $4.00 BS-691035 $6.99 Click the links for more information

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