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33 eClean Magazine Harsh climates are tough on roofs, which can be destroyed by strong winds and icy hailstones. Given these hazards, property owners are keen to avoid causing any roof damage themselves – say, when trying to clean the roof come summer. Many a property owner has wondered whether it's possible to clean a roof via power washing. Pressure washers, if you aren't careful, can cause serious damage to your roof. Although power washing machines may seem self- explanatory at first glance, the truth is that these powerful gizmos require education and experience for proper operation. On too high a setting, pressure washers can blast shingles entirely off a roof, or simply destroy its ability to protect against the elements. And given the dreadful cost of a new roof, it pays to be extremely cautious. That said, it's also not smart to leave the algae or moss on your roof either. These growths are more than just ugly; they are deadly to roofs. If left too long, these growths can actually destroy your roof. To play it safe and save you money in the long run, your best bet is to hire a professional firm that specializes in roof cleaning. Exterior residential cleaning professionals have years of education and experience, so they understand how delicate washing roof can be. In weighing your roof cleaning options, it's important to check with the manufacturer's instructions. These often suggest combining a low-pressure chemical wash with a low- pressure rinse. This will remove fewer protective granules from your roof. THERE ARE MANY BENEFITS OF HAVING A CLEAN ROOF, INCLUDING: • Increased long-term structural stability once moss and algae are gone. • An improved curb image, free of algae streaks and moss. For business owners, this means more business; for homeowners, a higher resale price. • Lowered cost, since you'll probably have to replace the roof earlier without regular cleaning. Power Washing: Let's Talk Roof Cleaning by Paul Horsley, Publisher Before and After Roof Cleaning. Photo provided by Aritt Davis, Aquatek Exterior Cleaning LLC,

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