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14 eClean Magazine Roskovich – who is a "big fan of education" – chose to participate in all four certification courses. "I believe it was worth it to learn the proper ways to clean. Taking all four certification classes was still less expensive than the insurance deductible I would have to pay the first time I damaged a customer's property." Bob Ervin of Surface Aesthetics in Columbus, Ohio, who attended the 2010 PWNA Convention, said he had been wanting to become certified for awhile. "I believe certification will give me advantages over other companies in my area." Ervin is in the process of having his PWNA certification logos added to his marketing materials. "In my area, residential power washing still isn't all that common. I believe that by showing customers I am actually trained and certified in this field, I will be able to help put their minds at ease, and have an easier time selling my services." Shane Jones of D&D Pressure Washing in Indiana has been in the kitchen exhaust In early May, the Power Washers of North America (PWNA) hosted a small regional training opportunity in Indianapolis, Indiana. Led by PWNA President John Nearon, participants had the chance to become certified in four different cleaning areas: House Washing, Roof Cleaning, Wood Restoration and Fleet Washing. Dave Roskovich of DDAC in Pennsylvania – who has worked as a home builder, a Realtor, and in other areas of the housing industry – has been wanting to add residential power washing to his list of services for "a long time." However, he also stressed that he does not believe in just diving into a field without first learning the proper way to do it. Roskovich had been watching for the PWNA to offer certification classes within a "reasonable" driving distance. The Indiana event was about five hours from his home, and so he jumped on the opportunity. "Pressure washing involves much more than just spraying water. It's about understanding chemicals, understanding equipment, knowing how to correctly clean specific types of stains and contaminates, and knowing how to not damage homes and roofs," he explained. Participants Give Thumbs Up for PWNA Indiana Certification

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