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than a 12v pump. The diaphragms can also be rebuilt and they are not really considered disposable. These pumps are fairly long lasting and probably can take the most abuse. They also have the lowest maintenance of any of the pumps. The con to using a air diaphragm pump is the higher cost of buying a quality air compressor that has enough CFM's (cubic feet per minute) to push the air diaphragm pump. Motor Driven Pumps The last type roof cleaning pump is a motor driven pump, like an Udor or a John Blue pump. The pro to these pumps is that they can throw down a high volume of mix at one time for big jobs. The downside is that they are very costly to purchase and maintain. Most guys have moved away from this pump because of the high cost of maintaining and upkeeping them. They can be rebuilt, but the chlorine gas will eventually take its toll on the internal components. WOW! Get a fast quote for Power Wash Insurance! For a FAST telephone quote: 1-800-878-3808 Get proof of coverage TODAY America's #1 Insurer of Power Wash Contractors $299 for eClean Readers! Download Your FREE GUIDE to Power Washing Insurance Today! My Personal Preferences We personally use both a 12v Fatboy pump system and an air diaphragm system. I have a love/hate relationship with both of them. Both have pros and cons and we choose what we need per each job. Our air diaphragm system has a unique setup – a dual intake on the pump – that I like and that we have used for a long time. It is able to pull from two sources at one time and mix it on the fly. We are able to carry a larger quantity of Sodium Hypochlorite and mix it on the fly with water from the pump. Remember when picking a pump system, pick the one that suits you and your needs best. There is no one magical pump that is without its pros and cons. Jeremy Kiefer is the owner of Clearshine Maintenance in Huntsville, Alabama. Jeremy will be speaking on marketing through home/ trade shows at the Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning Convention, August 8-9 in Nashville, Tennessee.

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