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48 48 eClean Magazine WORKING ON THE RAILROAD: PRESSURE WASHING FOR TRAINS Rail cars pick up a lot of dust and dirt while barreling along the tracks from coast to coast. Unfortunately, cleaning a 125-car metal serpent is no simple task without a pressure washer. Pressure washing for trains can save a huge amount of cleaning time by getting rail cars back on track in a matter of one or two days. Trains are also graffiti magnets. As they coast alongside the highway, they can expose passersby to a whole host of gang tags, vulgarities and other messages from vandals. Fortunately, pressure washing for trains is effective at removing even the nastiest graffiti marks; the right power washing company can even apply an anti-graffiti coat, which makes future cleanup twice as easy. PRESSURE WASHING FOR TRUCKS AND FLEETS Trucks are moving advertisements for your company. If they're thick with dirt, grey from exhaust and coated with flaky bug bodies, your business will project an image of sloppiness. Pressure washing for trucks is a safety issue, as well. Clean trucks are more visible to other cars, and they're also much easier to maintain properly, as grime can often conceal leaks or other mechanical problems until it's too late. Pressure washing for commercial buildings, trucks, rail cars and construction equipment can benefit your company in various ways. Most notably, it can boost the image of your business by giving you a good, clean leg to stand on. So when you're planning a strategy for improving your company's position within the economy, make a resolution that is easy to achieve, environmentally friendly, and reliable: IT's COMING!!! The Roof Cleaning Issue eClean Magazine, May 2014 Photo courtesy of Thad Eckhoff, Apex Services and Contact Charlie for Advertising Information:

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