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5 eClean Magazine F or those who have met Curt Kempton of 5 Star Window Care in Phoenix, Arizona, or have heard him speak on motivating employees, you might think that he has never struggled with staff related issues. That actually couldn't be farther from the truth. "Managing employees used to be one of the most frustrating parts of running my window cleaning business," Curt stressed. "I was ready to pull my hair out." Then about five years ago, something changed. Curt was in a meeting with a variety of business owners who began talking about what great corporate cultures their companies had. When it was Curt's time to speak, he had nothing positive to say. "I was frustrated. I was struggling to get my workers to show up on time, if they showed up at all," he said. "I told the others in that meeting it was easy for them because they had 'sexy' businesses." By "sexy," Curt meant that they were cool companies that appealed to high-end clients. "But my company just cleaned windows." "Shame on you!" scolded the CEO of Infusion Soft, the leader of that meeting. "If YOU don't think your business is sexy, how is anyone else going to find it sexy?" "I was really embarrassed by that," Curt said, "but it also opened my eyes to the need to change our company culture." So Curt began doing some serious "soul searching." In the saturated Phoenix market, where tons of new window cleaning and Motivating Employees How Curt Kempton of 5-Star Window Care Turned His Biggest Frustration into His Biggest Asset by Allison Hester

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