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27 eClean Magazine acid burn and give the user predictable results on a wide variety of surfaces without damage or etching. F9 performs beautifully on both of these types of stains. Why F9 Was Created A s a cleaning contractor, I began working on our cleaners over 10 years ago out of necessity. We had a large commercial builder that loved our work and kept adding to our workload. At the time we were cleaning six to eight homes a day for them, doing their paint, stain and stucco removal on concrete, along with cleaning the exterior of the buildings and houses. Our job required us to make the home perfect before the new homeowner would take it over. Our builder was building a golf cart community and homes would get "rust" from the golf carts that the superintendents and other contractors used to get around. The problem I found with the majority of restoration chemicals on the market was that they didn't perform to our needs. Some would do just some of the things we wanted them to do or that they claimed they would; others simply didn't do a thing. Still others "cleaned" by etching the cement. This was not good enough for us. As time went on, I saw patterns in cleaners and began to do my own formulating based on our observations of cleaning versus etching versus discoloration. At about the same time, our builder wanted us to do their concrete coatings and staining for them. This was the perfect opportunity for us to use a lot of concrete as our "guinea pigs" since we were going to coat over it anyway. Instead of just using hydrochloric to etch the cement before a coating, we did a series of tests and demos for our own use. Basically, our goal was to document all of our processes, get our concrete pads to the point of etching and then see what chemicals did what, how they worked, in what concentrations, and how they would react to the different types of concrete. We worked with a chemist and then literally conducted thousands of tests. Through the years, between our own and our chemist's testing, we kept tweaking and reformulating the product until we got it where it is today. The F9 Market The main thing that makes F9 different from other products is that it works. We have tested and reformulated F9 literally thousands of times to create the perfect blend of rust removers, rust converters, rust softeners, wetting agents and surfactants. There are many uses for our products at schools, universities, airports, shopping centers and almost every building and home has some need on some level. Rust is everywhere. Black metallic runoff stains abound. Some have found F9 to remove their light mud stains on stucco and concrete. F9 also works on many different types of surfaces, like concrete, bricks, pavers, tile, stone, stucco, asphalt, roof shingles, vinyl, concrete coatings and more. There are different dilution ratios and different ways to use the product, so make sure to read all the technical data, watch our YouTube videos on our website, and call us before your first application.

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