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18 eClean Magazine If you have cleaning equipment to sell, or you're looking for a deal on a new or used piece, where do you turn? Most likely, you're among the thousands who turn to sites like Craigslist or eBay. That's been the case for Ty Schell of Arizona Power Wash Pros, LLC, who has purchased nine power washers, four trailers, and a bunch of other miscellaneous equipment all from Craigslist. "We find the BEST deals," he explained. "The problem is that we have to search in between other companies posting ads, search in a variety of categories, figure out which keywords to use, and so on, just to find a good deal. It's a long, difficult process." He also noticed that while different industry forums had sections for people to sell equipment, "I would have to dig around on every forum just to find it. I couldn't help but think it would be much easier if there was a centralized website that worked like Craigslist, but was designed for the cleaning industries." So in October 2013, Ty decided to take the matter into his own hands. That's what led to the development of CleaningEquipmentTrader. com (CET for short), a brand new website designed for contractors, distributors and others to list their new and used cleaning equipment and supplies that are for sale. It took about three months to develop, and Ty unveiled the "finished" product to the masses this past week. CET is receiving great feedback as well as a few suggestions, many of which Ty immediately implemented. How CET Works To use CET, you need to register for an account by creating a username and inputting your email. Next you will receive an email with a password, which can be changed after you log in. "From there, you can search for equipment or you can make a posting." To list a product, choose the category where you want to post an ad then click "create listing." Next, you can input a price, upload images, create a description and title. "You can also put cross streets and choose your location if you want," Ty added. Another handy feature allows you to share your posting on all your social media sites. "One great thing about CET is that each category has an RSS feed you can subscribe to. So whenever new gear is posted in that category, you will receive an update. You can't do that with Craigslist." When looking for products, you can search by keywords, area, city, state, or category. When listing products, you have two options. The first is a free ad. The second is a "featured" listing, which runs $5.99. "The featured listing is just a way for you to reach more viewers and users on CET. The featured listing shows up on the home page, has the word 'featured' next to it, is highlighted in a different color to make it more noticeable, and is listed higher than the free listings on the site," Ty explained. "Featured listings will benefit sellers who are trying to sell their gear fast." Currently, listings stay on the site for 60 days. Users can edit, delete or renew their listing at any time. Users login and add all their own listings. "All I do is approve or moderate the listings. If someone posts something that is not in our Terms and Conditions, I will remove it," said Ty. "Basically, this site is for the cleaning industry only and no other posts will be tolerated. And there are no marketing companies on the site. You can sell routes or your business on the site, but you cannot market your business." If He Builds It, They Will Come C is designed for all members of the cleaning industry, in every field. "We are all a part of making the world a cleaner and better place. And I know in my business we often Introducing It's like a Craigslist for the Cleaning Industry ...only Better by Allison Hester

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