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2 About Our Cover Dog S adie is a two-year-old pup that came into the emergency clinic where Michelle Jeffcoat works in Columbia, SC. She had bilateral humeral fractures. After 24 hours of hospitalization and a whole team trying to figure out the best plan for Sadie, her previous owners, elected not to pursue further care and were going to euthanize her. Michelle fell in love with Sadie from the moment she checked her in to the ER. " I couldn't let her beautiful little life end that day," she explained. Michelle reached out to Aimee with Crazy Rescue Ladies (see page ???) and asked her to save this sweet soul. "She jumped on board and we made a surgery plan." Sadie spent three days on oral pain medications before her big day. "We had the best surgical team in the area and she spent almost nine hours in surgery. She came out with both arms full of hardware and a long road of rehab ahead. Sadie started doing therapy two to three times a week. Right around the one-month mark, Sadie started showing signs of pain. X-rays indictaed that her left arm was rejecting the hardware and becoming infected. The hardware in her right arm has also loosened. So, round two of surgery was planned. After hours of trying to fix the left arm, it was decided that amputation was needed. "It was not the outcome the team had hoped for, but it was the best option for healing." Stronger hardware was placed in her right arm "and the little fighter that is Sadie began learning to 'dog' again." Today, Sadie is a tripod that walks on her back legs. She is doing rehab on a weekly basis to regain some use of that right arm, and she does swim therapy, stim therapy, ultrasound therapy, and physical therapy. Sadie is starting to do some minimal weight- bearing and toe touching, which is huge! "We don't expect her to regain full function of that arm, but some use would be great!" Michelle and Michael, who started out as Sadie's foster, hves fallen in love with this dog and has decided to adopt her. She loves her new family! "Sadie is not a normal dog, but is exceptional! Sadie plays with toys and other animals, and never meets a stranger. She is the most vivacious, loving baby. Her best friend is an orange tabby kitten. We still have a long way to go, but have come so far from where we started." – Michell Jeffcoat Crazy Rescue Ladies Foster

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